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COVID-19 Update – Information on Office Hours and Procedures

Updated Nov 10, 2022

Appointment Availability

We are here for you.

We are offering full service in office, however are recommending telemedicine for consults, lab reviews and any other appointments that do not require physical medicine.  Click here to request your Telemedicine visit today.

We are offering in office appointments for new patients and appointments which require physical medicine such as annual exams, IV and Biopuncture.  Please see below for other guidance on in office appointment availability.

Annual Preventive Exams

We are able to offer your Annual Preventive Visit in office.  Please click here for your options on scheduling this exam, including options for blood testing.

COVID-19 Testing

We are able to offer COVID-19 testing.  Testing requires Doctor approval via a Telemedicine appointment.  If your Doctor determines that testing is required, they will have you come to the clinic and stay in your car in the parking lot.  They will then come out to your curbside to collect the sample required for testing.  Result times vary based on statewide volume of testing being done, but Quest has indicated 1-3 days for test results is typical.

Iron, Myers and Immune Boost IVs

IV therapy is available.  We have setup special distancing protocols in our ThrIVe lounge including separation of patients via plexiglass and a dedicated air purifier with UV-C germ sanitization for each chair.

If you are interested in receiving IV services, please contact us early so we can work on getting you on the schedule.

Mask Requirements

Although indoor mask mandates have been lifted for most of Washington State, masks are still required in medical facilities.  Masks are required to be worn at all times by patients and their guests while at the clinic.

In Office Process and Procedures

In Office Limits

We are limiting in office access to patients with approved appointments and one family member maximum.  We request that if you are bringing in your child that you please keep them within arms length during check in and check out so we can maintain social distancing for any other parties in the clinic.

Blood Draws and Testing

In order to minimize the number of patients in office and allow us to continue treatment to patients who need IVs and Biopuncture, we will not be scheduling any stand alone blood draws during this time.  Your physician can place any required test orders with either Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp.  The patient can then visit one of their draw locations and their test results will be sent directly to us.  We can also perform a blood draw if you are in office for another approved appointment.

Lab reviews can be done via Telemedicine.


Patients can place their supplement order and pick up in office.  Simply call us and place your order. We will charge your credit card over the phone, get all your items packed and ready for pickup.

You can also visit our Pharmacy page here to order online and have items shipped to your home.  GI Janel products are available online exclusively at