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COVID-19 Update – Information of Office Hours and Procedures

Specialty Natural Medicine is making some significant scheduling changes in an attempt to continue providing medical care while protecting our patients and community from the spread of COVID-19.

From now until at least April 17th, all appointments that do not require physical interaction will be done via telemedicine. This includes new patient appointments.

Availability of IVs are severely limited and require approval as time sensitive treatment by your Doctor.

LDA injections can be administered curbside.

COVID-19 testing is available curbside after evaluation and prescription by Dr Janel or Dr Lang. All COVID-19 test approval requires a Telemedicine visit for evaluation and management.

We will not be scheduling any blood draws during this time.

Supplements are available via curbside pickup. Just call ahead to place your order and make payment. We are also shipping in stock supplements to established patients from now through April 17th. Your best option continues to be ordering through Fullscript or NutraNorthwest via

These simple changes will allow us to continue serving our patient population while allowing us to stagger in office patients to minimize or eliminate multiple patients from being in the lobby or other common areas at the same time.

In addition we will not be seeing any patients in office on Thursdays and Fridays. We have begun reaching out to all impacted patients. Please get back to us when we call so we can make appropriate scheduling changes.

Fortunately, we made the investment into Telemedicine platforms several years ago. Our staff and Doctors are well trained on the use of the tools, as well as having experience in appropriate coding and documentation for telemedicine insurance claims. Due to these investments, we are well prepared to shift all existing and new appointments to telemedicine with little or no disruption to patient care.


Since the beginning of March, we have not allowed any symptomatic patients into the clinic and shifting any cold/flu care to telemedicine. In circumstances where testing was required, our physicians wore all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and collected samples from outside the clinic.

We currently have several methods of helping patients get supplements without having to come into our clinic. Supplement pickup in clinic is still an option, however if upon arrival you are experiencing cold/flu symptoms, you will be asked to leave.

Our staff is always diligent about disinfecting surfaces and we have increased the frequency of clinic cleaning during our office hours.

All staff is recording temperatures taken before and at the end of each shift and reporting any health concerns to our Doctors for monitoring.


We are implementing a few changes to help people stay in compliance with their supplements and making is easier to obtain those items while minimizing exposure to other patients.

Patients using Fullscript via our signup ( will receive a 20% discount on their order. This is a temporary change and will go back to the standard discount after April 17th.

We will be shipping in stock supplements, including GI Janel to patients for a flat fee of $10 shipping. Please call us to place your order. Items ship via UPS Ground and are generally picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Finally, if you need to pick up items you can now do so with car drop-off. Simply call us and place your order. We will charge your credit card over the phone, get all your items packed and ready and deliver to your car when you call and let us know you have arrived.

Be Well

We know this can be a stressful time for our patients and our community. We are working hard to make sure you have continued access to quality health care from your Doctors. Thank you for your flexibility during this time making sure we all stay healthy and well and are able to continue to support your wellness.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if you need to schedule an appointment with your Doctor.