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Annual Preventive Visits Now Available

Keeping your Wellness Front and Center

Annual Preventive Visits Available In Office 

We are now accepting in office appointments for your Annual Preventive visit.  Since the Annual Preventive visit often requires physical interaction, we are allowing this as an in office visit on a very limited basis.

Preventive visits are an important part of your healthcare. Preventive visits are unique in that they are dedicated to discussing your overall health with your physician and to discuss best practices for your ongoing wellness. During a visit, you might receive a complete physical exam, have samples taken for annual screenings (blood glucose, cholesterol, CBC, CMP).

This visit can also include lifestyle counseling, including discussions on overall diet, exercise and wellness ideas.

It may also include testing such as pelvic exams, Pap smears, ordering of prostate and colorectal cancer screenings and counseling on topics like sexually-transmitted diseases, obesity or tobacco use.

This is also a great time for our physicians to just hear about what is going on in your life to see if there are any red flags that may contribute to declines in your overall wellness. Your health goals are also discussed so that you and your physician are in agreement of how you want to be the healthiest you!

Preventive Medicine during Phase 1 and Phase 2

Your Options

Due to the limited availability of exam rooms, we are not allowing stand-alone in office blood draws at this time.  We are able to work around this with two basic options:

Blood Draw at Test Site, with in office Annual Preventive one week later

Your physician can put in the order for your annual labs at Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp.  You can then visit the Quest Diagnostics website ( or the Labcorp website ( to find the location nearest to you and schedule your blood draw.  You will then have your in office appointment one week after your draw.

Your lab results will be available for you during your appointment.


Annual Preventive Visit, with Blood Draw – Notification of Results

The other option is to have your Annual Preventive visit in office with your Doctor prior to testing.  You would then have your blood draw as part of your appointment.  Once your results are in, you will receive notification either via a call from our Medical Assistant or via an OnPatient message from your Doctor.  If all results are within normal limits, you are all set!  Depending on the test results, your Doctor may provide basic information on the results and treatment via the OnPatient message or Medical Assistant communication.

If your Doctor believes the results require discussion of treatment options and development of a treatment plan, they will request that you schedule a  Telemedicine visit to review and discuss.


We know how important Preventive medicine is to your overall health and wellbeing.  We are excited to be able to continue providing preventive care while taking  all we can to protect our Doctors, staff and patients.

For more information on Preventive Visits, please click here.