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Digestive Medicine

Naturopath Mukilteo Everett Seattle Edmonds

Dr Kathleen Janel, has worked with hundreds of patients over the past 20+ years to resolve chronic digestive system problems.

She knows personally that the discomfort of Reflux, IBS and SIBO: gas, bloating, pain constipation and diarrhea can be difficult to live with, and has easy and natural solutions for their relief.

Dr Janel would love to see you symptom free and able to eat whatever you like without symptoms. This can be a journey and she may start by changing your diet while your system is getting stronger, but the end game is always to give you as much freedom in your diet as you desire.

She may also use functional testing to determine if there are any chronic hidden infections or particular foods irritating your system that are causing your symptoms. She may recommend LDA desensitization so you can get back to eating the foods you like sooner.

You can expect to be using some supplements initially to support and heal the delicate digestive tract. As your symptoms improve, these will also no longer be necessary.

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Your digestive system health is necessary for your optimal health. It is from our food that we obtain the essential nutrition that supports and builds the entire body. Treatments that enable pain-free, regular digestion will increase nutrient absorption. In this way, when digestive problems resolve, the rest of the body can also become stronger and more vital. Your immune system will be more available to protect you and prevent other problems.

Dr Janel wishes digestive freedom for you and the resolution of your chronic GI problems. She knows that this is possible.