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Semaglutide Injections for Weight Loss

What is Semaglutide?

Recent research shows that injected Semaglutide is a highly effective medication for weight loss.

Anti-obesity medications have been around for decades, and there are several that are currently in use. But Semaglutide is a new generation of highly effective hormone-based obesity medications. Semaglutide mimics a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which is secreted in the gut and targets receptors throughout the body, including the brain. When a person is eating, GLP-1 sends the brain the “I’m full” signal.

Semaglutide also decreases “gastric emptying,” the process by which stomach contents are moved into the first part of the small intestine as part of the digestive process. This effect decreases over time, however the action of sending the "I'm full" signal is why Semaglutide works over long periods of time.

The action of making people feel full means people generally eat smaller portions at meals and do not have the same desire to constantly snack between meals.

How effective is Semaglutide Injections for Weight Loss

In a double blind trial, at the end of 68 weeks, the average weight loss from participants given Semaglutide was 33.7 lbs with a 5.3 inch reduction in waist size.

40% of participants lost 20% of their body weight after 20 weeks.

As described by a study participant in an article by Yale Medicine:

“It worked for me because my issue is mindlessly overeating. Because the drug often makes me feel incredibly full after just a few bites, it has been a real change to my eating habits,” the participant says. She used to consume 3,000 calories a day “easily,” and in the trial, she has been unable to take in more than 1,500. “One serving of Oreos is three cookies, and it was always a struggle to stop at three,” she says. “In the trial, I found it a real struggle to eat more than three.”

How do I receive the Semaglutide?

We provide you with all the tools you need to track and monitor your Semaglutide injections and progress. Your doctor will help you ramp up to your maintenance dose and be available every step of the way.

Your initial prescription is shipped to our clinic so we can educate you on proper injection and use. All future Semaglutide is shipped directly to your home for your convenience. With us, your costs can be 30%-50% less than what a pharmacy may charge you per months supply.

Since you only need to be physically present for the first injection, all other appointments (including the first appointment to evaluate suitability) can be done via telemedicine. This is highly convenient for patients who may not live near the clinic.

Will Semaglutide Injections work for me?

Semaglutide is not recommended for those with a personal or family history of certain endocrine or thyroid tumors, specifically, medullary thyroid cancer or if you have an endocrine system condition called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2).  Semaglutide works best with patients with a BMI > 30.  Semaglutide injections work best with lifestyle changes.  Your physician will consult with you on a program that fits your weight loss goals.

Semaglutide does require self administration via subcutaneous injections after the initial dosing.  Dr Janel and our Medical Assistant will work with you on administration until you feel comfortable administering the injection yourself, or having someone at home handle the injection for you.

The best way to determine is Semaglutide for weight loss is best for you is to schedule an appointment with Dr Janel to discuss your treatment options!

* - Please be advised that we are not prescribing Semaglutide for treatment of diabetes.