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Primary Care for You

You should expect your Primary Care Physician to know about your health needs and goals. Unfortunately, this is difficult or impossible to do at some clinics where appointment times are 15 minutes or less and you see a waiting room longer than you see your Doctor.

At Specialty Natural Medicine, you and your Doctor get real time together at each and every appointment. We reserve a full hour of time for your first appointment, and on average 45 minutes of that is face time with your Doctor.

Our return office calls are scheduled for either 30 or 60 minutes. Why? Because our Doctors want to help you achieve your best health. They know that the average Doctor sees a new patient every 11 minutes, and that the average Doctor will only let their patients speak for 23 seconds before cutting them off.

That is not how our Doctors want to practice medicine. The Doctors drive the care in our clinic, which means an opportunity for a strong, health Doctor/Patient relationship. One where the patient gets dedicated, quality time with their Doctor at each and every appointment.

If you are ready for a new level of care, please contact us to make your first appointment. Call us at 425-423-0878 or click here to use our convenient online appointment request form. We look forward to serving you at Specialty Natural Medicine.