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Winter is Coming

Time for an Immune System Boost
Immune Support Mukilteo

Winter is coming.

A time when a variety of viruses, influenza and complications from the cold weather tax our immune systems.

There is a wealth of raw information available, including from the ever popular "Dr. Google". However, these sites often fail to recognize that differences in biology and underlying health conditions means their one size fits all approach is severely limited.

Our goal with this informational page is to provide some best practices from our physicians, while respecting your individual health concerns and goals.

Immune Boost Injection

Fall is here and back to school along with the cooler temperatures are bringing on the cold and flu symptoms.

We have some natural alternatives to treatment and prevention including our new Immune Boost Shots.

We repeat these homeopathic immune boosting shots throughout the winter months every four weeks to keep you healthy and reduce symptoms from any cold viruses that you may pick up.

Talk to us about supporting your immune system this winter or come in for your first Immune boosting treatment.  The cost is $20 with your office visit or $30 as a stand alone shot.

Immune System Boost - Mukilteo Everett

Diet and Supplements

The Front Line of Prevention
Food, Diet and Supplements to aid your immune system

Supporting your body's innate ability to fight off infection always start with what you put into your body.

Choosing foods that support your healthy body, as well as avoiding foods and drinks that can compromise your immune system, is the best place to start.

Understanding and respecting your own diet and knowing where you might need supplement support is key to avoiding letting bugs take hold in your system.

Immune Supporting Supplements

  • Herbalozenges
  • Custom Herbal Tinctures
  • Echinachea with Vitamin C
  • Gan Mao Ling
  • Immustim Complex
  • Viracon
  • Herbal Steams and Rubs
  • Hyperthermia
  • Biocidin Drops

What to Eat/Drink

  • Easy to digest foods packed with micronutrients and water for hydration
    • Bone broth
    • Chicken Soup
    • Vegetable Soup
  • Whole Foods
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Whole Grains
    • Nuts
    • Legumes
    • Baked or roasted chicken and salmon
  • Foods high in lysine and low in arginine
    • Fish and seafood
    • Apple, Apricots, Avocado

Food/Drinks to Avoid

  • Raw/under-cooked foods
    • Sushi
    • Rare steak
    • Shellfish
    • Hollandaise Sauce
    • Caesar Salad dressing
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Sweets
  • Alcoholic beverages

Nutritional IV Therapy

Direct absorption of nutrients
Nutritional IV Therapy - Immune Support

Nutritional IV Therapy is a very powerful option for boosting patient's immune system.  There are limitations to the amount of nutrients that can be comfortably absorbed through the human digestive track.  Direct infusion into the blood stream allows for a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals to be absorbed.

The physicians at Specialty Natural Medicine are all trained in the benefit and administration of Nutritional IV Therapy.  Myer's Cocktail provides a great mix of vitamins that help to boost your immune system. Our physicians can also boost the level of Vitamin C in the Myer's if you need some immediate extra support.

Please feel free to click here to read more about our Nutritional IV Therapy options.

Or when you are ready, click the button below to book your appointment with our physicians to develop your custom IV solution.

Consult with our Physicians

Become a Patient at Specialty Natural Medicine

Remedies that work for one person may not work on another because biology can vary from person to person. For example, if someone is getting sick frequently, they may have an impaired immune response and require additional attention or they may have another coexisting condition making them more susceptible to cold or flu viruses (hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, vitamin deficiency).

Further, some symptoms can overlap with many diagnoses and need to be evaluated properly by a trained physician. Thankfully, the physicians at Specialty Natural Medicine recognize that and are here to help you find what works for you and tailor a plan that targets your specific needs.

We are currently accepting new patients.  Most major insurance accepted and billed in network.  We would love to help support you and your health and wellness goals.

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