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We are Different!


Specialty Natural Medicine

We are different than most medical clinics. First and foremost, we are a doctor driven clinic. Great you think, but what does that mean? It means that our Doctors solely determine every aspect of how they want to work with you and deliver your care.

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What that means for you is:

Longer Appointments

Did you know that most clinics require Doctors to see a new patient every 11 minutes?  And that on average, most Doctors only let a patient speak for 23 seconds before redirecting them?  How can you have quality care with those restraints?

Our Doctors reserve at least 30 minutes of time for each patient for the majority of appointments.  And every minute is dedicated to your care.  That means that you have a chance to discuss your concerns with your Doctor and make sure you are heard.

As for "15 minute appointments"?  That only happens if you are coming in solely for a scheduled procedure like a B-12 injection, and we book a shorter appointment for your convenience.  We are always happy to book at least 30 minutes for our patients if that is what they want.

Your Time Matters

We never overbook or double book.  Never.  That means our reception area tends to be a pretty empty place.  When you arrive on time for your appointment, our warm staff quickly gather your vitals and get you in your privately reserved exam room.  It is not uncommon for patients to never sit down in our waiting room, simply because we are ready for you the second you come in the door.  And we do our best to help you check out quickly and efficiently while making sure you receive any and all information that our Doctors want to make sure you need.

 You Partner with your Doctor for your Health

One of the innate benefits of having longer appointments is that the Doctors get to form a strong relationship with their patients.  This allows our Doctors to work with you to develop personalized treatment plans that take into account all of your health concerns.  Our Doctors know that your best health depends on more than just a pill.  That is why they take the time to partner with you for your best health.

We Explore All Options with You

Our motto is "Bridging the Gap between Natural and Conventional Medicine".  That is because the Doctors at our clinic use both Naturopathic and Conventional treatments and medication to support you in your healthy body.  That allows them to provide medical care that focuses on healing rather than just suppressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals.  That is not to say they won't prescribe medications when needed.  Simply that they know that pharmaceuticals are just one tool of many, and that they will always work with you to pick the right tool for your long term health.


Naturopathic Clinic in Mukilteo
Partner with us for your Best Health


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We hope you choose to visit us soon.  We bill most major insurance and are currently accepting new patients.  Click here to book your appointment today, or give us a call at 425-423-0878.  If you have any questions, you can always email us at or explore this site for more information on our clinic, our Doctors and our treatments.

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