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Seasonal Allergies

Two shots in the Fall, no Allegra in the Spring!

Seasonal Allergy Relief - Seattle MukilteoAre you tired of suffering through seasonal allergies, and having to take your daily allergy pills just to make it through the Spring?  LDA desensitization for seasonal allergies may be exactly what you need!

One shot in late Fall, followed by a booster 8 weeks later and you can be breathing easy in the Spring.  LDA therapy is different from most allergy shots as it actually desensitizes your body to the allergens!

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Your first LDA injection for seasonal allergies must occur between October 15th and November 15th for it to be most effective!  Please book now by clicking here, emailing us at or calling us at 425-423-0878.

Our Doctors also recommend receiving IV Therapy at the time of the LDA shot for optimum effectiveness.

Patient Testimonial

I’ve always been allergic to cats, and to a lesser extent other animals. I first started experiencing severe seasonal allergies when I was a teenager. It started with  spring pollen allergies that were often worse than having the flu. Around that time, I also developed a pronounced allergy to certain foods. So, for the past 25+ years, I’ve taken Allegra or Claritin every day in the spring, and every time I was going to a friend’s house with a cat.


I’ve been a patient of Dr Janel’s for 8 years, working primarily on healing my gut and getting back to a healthy place. About 2 years ago, she suggested I try the LDA shots for my allergies. I had heard all sorts of stories about “allergy shots” and didn’t want to do that. When I learned this was a very different thing, I agreed to give it a try. I admit that I was a bit skeptical: I tend to poo-poo homeopathic and other “subtle” treatments. But I gave it a go. When April rolled around I saw my car covered with cedar pollen, and I realized I was symptom-free.  Totally symptom free during the yearly pollen onslaught.  I was thrilled!  Since then, I’ve also been able to eat raw apples again, and just this month, we baby-sat a cat for 2 weeks.  For the first time in my life, I was able to play with/snuggle a cat with no adverse effects.


Specialty Natural Medicine Allergy TreatmentI’ve recommended LDA treatments to numerous friends and family, of course; how can I not?  The treatment has quite literally changed my life, and is so easy. I still find it hard to believe it has worked so well. And, of course, I highly recommend Dr. Janel and the team at Specialty Natural Medicine.  Dr Janel has taken better care of me than any doctor I’ve worked with, bar none.

Caleb T.


Details and Information on LDA Allergy Desensitization for Seasonal Allergies

LDA allergy desensitization for seasonal allergies is a new therapy effective in 80-90% of the population to easily resolve the congestion, sneezing, post nasal drip and eye irritation associated with grasses, trees and pollens that bloom in the spring and summer.

Traditional allergy shots are done several times a week over several months in increasing doses to create an internal level of tolerance.  They often stop working when you stop the treatment.

Desensitization works on the opposite principle.  We use the same dose of allergens at each appointment in order to teach your body not to attack its normal environment.  It only requires 2-3 treatments before your allergy season and once you are desensitized, you remain that way.

Desensitization works on your cells called “T-cells” and increases the T suppressor cell population that in turn suppress the attack on seasonal pollens, grasses and trees.  Once all of your cells have learned what is in the normal environment the allergy problem is resolved. We have also used this treatment to improve and resolve asthma triggered by inhaled allergens.

LDA injection for Seasonal AllergiesOne important point is that this treatment must be done at least 3 months BEFORE the allergy season (usually September and/or December) in order to be effective.  Too close to the season and the environmental allergens will neutralize the treatment.  Three months before the season and your body will be ready to greet spring with a whole and healthy set of T cells and you will be breathing easily.



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