Open Enrollment 2018

Open Enrollment 2018

Tough Decisions
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As always, insurance information is provided for informational purposes only.  Final determination of claims and coverage is handled solely by your insurance payor.  Please verify all information directly with your insurance provider.

This is a tough year for Washington State residents choosing health coverage on the Washington State Health Exchange.

In past years, the clear choice was almost always Premera with their fairly wide networks, competitive pricing and deductible-waived office visits.

This year is much more complex.

In all, we have reviewed three insurers on the Exchange.  Please click on the insurer name for more details on coverage in 2018:


Of these 3, Premera and Ambetter provide an ability to have services covered for Dr Rebecca Lang and Dr Kathleen Janel.  (Please see "Medical Billing 101" for more information on what "covered" means).

Kaiser Permanente is included in the list as it is the ONLY option for Island County residents.  Unfortunately, this option does not provide covered visits or services with our physicians.

Big Decisions

What to do in 2018

Those fortunate enough to receive coverage through their employer should probably be fine to continue working with us in 2018.  Check with your HR representative to confirm no major changes in your services for 2018.

If you own your own small business, please consider obtaining small group coverage via Premera (more details by clicking here).

If you qualify for Apple Health, make sure to designate Molina or Community Health Plan of Washington as your Managed Care Organization (MCO) to be able to work with Specialty Natural Medicine.

If you need to purchase insurance off of the Exchange, please review the links above for Premera, Kaiser and Ambetter as well as researching on the Washington State Healthcare Exchange site.  Unlike in years past, there is no simple decision.  You will need to take a close look at the networks, coverage and premium costs to determine the best choice for you and your family.

Cash Patients

If you will not be insured this year, or if you are on a plan that does not cover our Doctors, please reach out to us to discuss cash rates for 2018.  We would love to continue serving you and look forward to discussing options for 2018.

We hope this information is helpful!  Please email us if you have any questions on health insurance for 2018.