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Special Flu and Cold Season 2011 Update

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Flu and Cold Season and how we can help you.

It is that time of year again…flu season. This season’s flu shot has been rushed into production and is already available and being promoted through pharmacies.


There are 2 kinds of flu vaccines; seasonal and H1N1 (swine flu). Like last year, this year’s shot combines both, at the expense of 1/3 less seasonal flu protection. The combination shots only contain 2 strains of seasonal flu virus instead of 3 to make room for the H1N1. While there are great doubts about the seasonal flu shot effectiveness in general, there is even less possibility of benefit due to the inclusion of only 2 strains instead of 3. I believe this one-shot-fits-all approach decision was based on marketing & financial strategies. Otherwise, why would you want to decrease the (possible) likelihood of seasonal flu protection by 1/3rd? Why not give the best three guesses at the circulating seasonal viruses, and continue to give the H1N1 in a separate shot? Of course, then two shots = two doses of additives and preservatives.

Also, due to the seasonal virus strains mutating each year, a new formula has to be made for each winter based on the best guess as to what the predominant strains will be. But this year, the formula is the same as last year. Why? The answer may lie in the early availability of the shot. My guess is that there was a lot of income lost by the shortage of flu vaccine last year. So rather than risk that again, they kept the same formula to get an early start on production.

The H1N1 flu was the predicted pandemic that never materialized the last few years. This type of virus does not mutate as easily.

In the past, giving flu shots to the elderly and children was heavily promoted, in spite of the fact that it really wasn’t very effective. A new wrinkle last year was production of a “stronger” flu shot being recommended for the elderly, to try to increase the effectiveness in this population. Last year they also pushed the stronger shot for children too. It is not available this year. Possibly due to the increase in febrile seizures in children?

As discussed in previous years e-mails, the benefit of the flu shot is doubtful. If you wish to read more, I am attaching some correspondence discussing this. Also, here is a link to an article from the Atlantic Magazine looking behind the scenes about the difficulty a local medical researcher had trying to get a “classic…carefully done” research study showing the ineffectiveness of flu shots published in a medical journal. To access, paste the following link in your browser:

Along with the questionable usefulness of flu shots, there are many concerns about the contents of the injection – including preservatives such as mercury, adjuvant chemicals such as aluminum, and other chemicals such as phenol and formaldehyde. The Flu-Mist nasal spray option has its own challenges, including the live-virus content and the resultant spreading of flu viruses around for up to 3 weeks after dosing by the user.

Then there are questions about the limited effectiveness, side effects, and expense of the anti-flu symptom drugs such as Tamiflu and Relenza.


We have put together a program to maximize your resistance to the flu, and increase your recovery time if you do get it. This includes:

A. There are many immune support products that you can use. These products are designed to protect you from the flu by stimulating your immune system to defend against flu viruses before they can cause symptoms. Dosing starts in October/early November and runs through the winter cold/flu season . . There is a history of excellent results with these products that include MRS Humacel Viracon Immunoforte and Herbal Biotic. We can also do IV push nutrients for very weak immune system and immune support in the form of inter muscular shots which powerfully strengthen the immune system.

B. A WINTER HEALTH STRATEGIES focused appointment to provide you information on dietary practices which can either lower or strengthen your immune function, review of good hygiene practices to reduce virus exposure and transfers, an evaluation of your Vitamin D level which is important in supporting optimum immune function, additional support for your immune system, and finally – a protocol for flu symptom treatment if you do get the flu.

For those of you who HAVE HAD a “Wintertime Health Strategies” review appointment with us before, check your stock of the support products to have on hand. If you have lost track of your detailed strategy information handout that we provided you, we can send you another copy via e-mail.

This is a focused appointment for us to review the information with you and answer any of your questions. Only these strategies will be discussed in this appointment. If you have other health concerns, these can be discussed in a separate visit. Please call our office right away so that you can schedule a convenient time and have your support protocol and products in place for flu season.

C. An assessment of your need for B-12 shots to likely provide more energy, better sleep quality, and less stress reactions – which translates into better immune function.

Remember that 80% of your immune globulin secreting cells are around your intestines so, a healthy digestive system in imperative to a healthy immune system.

Please let us know how we can best support you.

Blessings as Always,
Dr Kathleen Janel