Hormone Pellet Therapy

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The doctors at Specialty Natural Medicine use the convenience of intradermal pellets for our patients as an alternative to the daily use of creams and pills.
Hormone pellet therapy has been safely practiced for over 50 years. Intradermal pellets are inserted in the adipose (fat) tissue and are undetectable once inserted with the exception of a small incision which will heal in a matter of days.
The entire procedure is essentially painless with the use of a local anesthetic and takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish. Recovery is short and the only restrictions are to avoid soaking in a tub and strenuous lower body work (like squats) for 3 days after the insertion procedure.
The effects of the pellets can last anywhere from 4-6 months and offer a much more consistent level of hormone than other options. Hormone levels must be tested in order to determine appropriate hormone replacement doses for each individual patient. Hormone levels are re-tested 4 weeks post-insertion to assure optimal levels are achieved.