Lab Result Notification

Lab Result Notifications

To improve our service to our patients, we have implemented a new Lab Notification process.


Notification Process

Once all labs ordered on a day of service are received, your physician will contact you directly via the OnPatient Portal.  If you do not have OnPatient access enabled yet, you will receive an invite on the day of your next appointment.  You can always contact us at any time to receive an OnPatient invite.

For those who do opt not to enable OnPatient, you will receive a phone call from one of our Medical Assistants once all labs have been received and reviewed by your Doctor.  These calls will be made within 2 weeks after your labs have been received, and only if you have not already been in to review the labs with your Doctor.  If we cannot reach you directly, we will leave voicemail informing you that labs have been received.


Acute Concerns

Immediate, urgent and acute concerns will generate an exception to the above policy.  In those cases, you will receive a phone call from our office shortly after the lab is reviewed by your physician (generally on the same day the lab is reviewed).


OnPatient Access

All new patients will have OnPatient invites sent.  Existing patients can request an OnPatient account at any time, or will receive an invite at their next office visit.  OnPatient invites come from “”.  Please make sure to check your junk or spam folder if you are expecting an invite and do not see it.

Please note that invites expire one week after they are sent.  If your link expires, please request another invite and we will immediately send a new invite.

OnPatient will NOT be enabled until you register via the link on the invite.

Specialty Natural Medicine can confirm your contact information for OnPatient, but cannot provide direct technical support for the site.  Please contact OnPatient support directly via the Support link on the footer of their website,


We hope the direct physician contact available via OnPatient will provide the best patient experience, with a quick update on available results.  As always, your physician will let you know if an in office appointment is required to go over results in detail or to develop a treatment plan based on the results.