Email Privacy and your Medical Information

Email is a convenient, quick and effective communication tool.  Just about everyone has an email address (or several email addresses) and we are all familiar with how it allows people to rapidly share written communication. The vast majority of email sent over the internet is not encrypted.  In general this is not a major issue […]

Cold and Flu Season

2014-2015 Influenza Prevalence and Risk Cold and flu Season is upon us.  The flu has been in the news a lot this year and with good reason.  The H32N strain, that is responsible for approximately 95% of reported flu cases this season, is associated with particularly severe symptoms and illness. Controversy and conflicting studies have […]

Preventive Visits

Preventive visits are a critical piece of long term health care.  Prevention and early detection through check-ups, screening and education align with Specialty Natural Medicines goals for your best health.  Preventive visits are also a great opportunity for you and your Doctor to have time dedicated to discussing, documenting and updating your overall wellness. However, […]