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Restaurant and Food Options

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Restaurant Guides

Razzi's Pizzeria

Razzi's has the most impressive gluten-free and vegan menu we have ever seen at a Pizzeria.  Just about everything on their menu can be prepared gluten-free and/or vegan.  This is a wonderful location, particularly if you are dining with children who are working to remove allergens from their diet.  Want gluten free and dairy free garlic bread?  They have it!

Capitol Cider

The best way to explain the excellent service and options here is to discuss our direct experience.

We wanted to go out for dinner on a Saturday evening and chose this place based on positive Open Table reviews. In our Open Table reservation, we noted that one of us had a dairy allergy. As we have run into issues with breads/buns before, we asked if they could check on whether or not their buns had dairy in them ahead of time.

At check-in we were greeted by a letter from the chef, Sara Harvey, that assured us that their buns are dairy free and included a full print out of the ingredient list. In addition, Sara shared that she has her own food allergies and is very sensitive to the concerns those with allergies often have when dining out.

It is wonderful to find a place with exceptional food and drink, that also places an emphasis on making customer with food allergies/sensitivities feel at ease so they can simply enjoy their meal. The best comparable restaurant experience for food allergies we have had in Seattle has been at Canlis.

I should also point out that the restaurant is 100% gluten free! Be sure to check it out for lunch or dinner for a stress free dining experience. And get the burger! It is delicious!


Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill (U Village and South Lake Union) has gluten free options, but the real draw is for those who are avoiding dairy and/or eggs.  It is a completely vegan restaurant and all their sauces and dishes are completely milk and egg free (something near impossible to find at many other restaurants).  Dairy-free and egg-free Ranch dipping sauce and Caesar dressing!  This is a great place to get some of your favorite flavors with zero worry about having a dairy or egg reaction.


A perfect dining experience for those with allergies. We let them know about our allergies when we booked our reservation. Our server knew ahead of time about our allergies. The chef came out to speak to us about what on the menu we could safely eat, and the changes he could make to any item to make it acceptable. No plate was delivered to our table without the server specifically stating that it was allergen free.

Every restaurant manager should have a dinner at Canlis to learn how having every member of the staff in communication about allergen concerns can put their clientele at ease.

Mukilteo Thai

Located directly across the street from Specialty Natural Medicine, Mukilteo Thai has some wonderful options for allergy free goodies.  Our favorite is the Phad Kee Mao.  Made with rice noodles, just ask for it gluten-free (they will make it with a gluten free sauce) and egg-free for a wonderful option for those with dairy, egg and gluten/wheat allergies.  Make sure to let them know about your allergies and they will work with you to make sure you get a great, safe meal.  Tell them we sent you!

P.F. Changs

Most of the items on P.F. Changs menu are already dairy free. But as an added bonus, they will print out a detailed allergen menu if you let them know your allergy concerns. Large variety of food for those with allergies!


Allergy Eats


Red Robin - Ask for their Allergen Menus!



Food Options

Ian's Natural Foods

This is a favorite source of food, especially for many of our younger patients.  Looking for chicken nuggets that have no wheat, no gluten, no milk, no casein, no eggs, no nuts and no soy?  Ian's has you covered!

How about a quick meal of chicken nuggets, fries, corn and chocolate cake that has no wheat, no gluten, no milk, no casein, no eggs, no nuts and no soy?  Ian's has that too.  We have found Ian's locally at Whole Foods Market, but updated details on availability may be available at

So Delicious Dairy Free

On a dairy free diet and still want some great cream and ice cream options?  So Delicious Dairy Free is the answer!  Our office refrigerator is stocked with So Delicious Coconut Creamer.  A must in the Northwest for coffee aficionados.

And if you are in the mood for frozen treats, they offer a wide variety of flavors for their coconut milk ice creams.  So Delicious Dairy Free is available at most markets in the Seattle area including Safeway, PCC and Whole Foods.  And you can even find gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free ice cream cones at Whole Foods!


A wide mix of crackers, toaster pastries and other baked type goods, all gluten-free.  Some items can found at just about every market in the Seattle area with a wider selection at PCC and Whole Foods market.  Be aware that many of their items contains eggs and some contain dairy, so check the label!

Dr. Lucy's Gluten Free

Lucy's!  Gluten free goodness, with wonderful options for vegan (dairy-free, egg-free) and nut free goodies.  Their Brownie Cakes are gluten free, vegan with no peanuts or tree nuts!  Great to pack to restaurants for desserts for the little (or big) ones who cannot do dairy and gluten desserts.

Find these treats at Safeway, Whole Foods or order from Amazon.

Plum Organics

There are lots of great products by Plum Organics, but the one that we love is the Plum Kids Organic Mashups.  100% fruit in a handy pack.  We take them as snacks for the kids on day trips, and on long bike rides to replenish at the halfway point.  This is one of those items that you can keep in your backpack, purse or glove compartment to keep from a blood sugar crash when away from home and not sure if that restaurant in the strip mall will be able to get you allergen free food.

Specialty Natural Medicine Incredible Vacation Location

Walt Disney World

Management of Specialty Natural Medicine vacationed at Walt Disney World and cannot say enough about how wonderful they were. Fine Dining had the chefs come out and talk about allergy concerns. Buffets had chef/management do a walk through of entire buffet to confirm what could be eaten, and offered to cook up alternatives as needed. Counter service management used separate facilities with special food to make sure all guests in our party were well served with no concerns for allergens.

We vacationed for more than a week with zero concerns about finding quality allergen-free food, including cross contamination.