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FMT for C. diff

Fecal microbiota Transplantation for C. diff treatment

Specialty Natural Medicine offers Sterile Fecal Microbiota Transplantation as a treatment for certain gastrointestinal issues.

We also offer FMT (fecal microbiota transplantation) oral capsules specifically for patients with C. diff.

Capsules are shipped to our clinic and taken home by patients for administration.  Delivery of FMT via capsules has a similar effectiveness and safety profile as colo-FMT, without the risks of colonoscopies.

In a multicentered, national prospective study, 301 FMTs were performed in 269 patients. Two-thirds of the procedures were capsule FMT. CDI cure rates were 86% at one month and 81% at two months. There was no difference in the one-month or two-month cure rate between capsule and colonoscopic FMT.

Donors for FMT capsules are extensively screened and tested both before and after sample capture to provide the safest possible treatment for you.


If you have been diagnosed with C. difficile infection, please schedule your appointment today to discuss the FMT capsule treatment options.

Sterile - Fecal microbiota transplant