Cold and Flu Season

2014-2015 Influenza Prevalence and Risk

Cold and flu Season is upon us.  The flu has been in the news a lot this year and with good reason.  The H32N strain, that is responsible for approximately 95% of reported flu cases this season, is associated with particularly severe symptoms and illness.

Controversy and conflicting studies have surrounded the flu vaccine for years, and early season studies by the CDC have revealed that this year’s vaccine is only fully effective in about 50% of flu cases.

Their back up plan is to recommend antiviral drugs at the onset of symptoms to combat the virus; however there are issues with resistance with certain strains and side effects are common. While the vaccine and antiviral treatment can be effective and may be necessary for certain patients, we prefer to also explore different approaches.

For your reference, here are some maps showing how influenza has been spreading during this flu season:

Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report, provided by the CDC

Washington State Influenza Update – Week 52, 2014 – Provided by Washington State Department of Health

As of this writing, Washington State has not been as hard hit as most of the country but experts expect that this will change.

Your Immune System as Defense against the Flu

IV Therapy - Mukilteo Specialty Natural MedicineHaving a strong immune system can help protect you against cold and flu viruses and lessen severity of illness if you do come down with them.   Easy ways to strengthen your immune system include getting enough sleep, staying active, adequate fluid intake, managing stress, and making sure your body has all the nutrients it needs to support a healthy immune system. With the abundance of highly processed foods and diminishing nutrients in the soil our produce is grown in, it is increasingly difficult to incorporate all the important nutrients with food alone. At Specialty Natural Medicine we can perform micronutrient testing to assure your immune system has everything it needs to perform optimally and provide nutrients that are deficient, either orally via diet or supplements or intravenously.

Nutritional IV Therapy

For people who want to get a jump on supporting their immune system or who are feeling the beginnings of a flu or cold, we have formulated an IV formula with nutrients known to support the immune system. Our immune support IV contains:

  • Vitamin C – Used by immune cells to kill viruses. Also hinders viral replication, reduces severity of viral infections
  • Zinc – enhances immune cell function and is directly viricidal (kills viruses)
  • B-Vitamins (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 12) – involved in countless metabolic pathways in the body, including pathways involving the immune system. Deficiency can cause fatigue and a host of problems.
  • Selenium – deficiency can lead to immune dysfunction, supplementation has been shown to increase immune cell response.
  • Several other nutrients to address fatigue and help with overall health.

One of the many benefits of Nutritional Intravenous Therapy is that the gastric system is bypassed entirely.

The doses of vitamin C needed for a major immune boost cannot be taken orally without causing severe gastrointestinal upset. Intravenous therapy is very safe and effective. Specialty Natural Medicine has doctors with training in administering high dose vitamins safely and comfortably to aid in boosting your immune system.

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