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Back to School Immunity Boost

Back to school is here!  That means new teachers, new morning routines, and new bugs or illnesses coming home!

Colds, flus and virus infections hit many households each year and at no time is it more prevalent than in Fall and Winter.  Give yourself a head start against “back to school” bugs with one of our special immune boost options.  These specials are available exclusively for our established patients.  These specials will expire on October 2nd, 2019 so please make sure to book your treatment soon!


Immune Boost IV

For a limited time, we are offering our Immune Boost IV for only $125 (normally $150) plus the cost of the office visit*.  This combination of B-vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C helps your strengthen your natural immune system to keep you thriving during the cold and flu season.  For those wanting an energy boost, we can add L-Carnitine which supports energy production on a cellular level.  This additional L-Carnitine energy boost is an additional $10 while supplies last (supplies very limited).

Nutritional IV Therapy requires CBC and CMP labs from within the last 6 months.


Immune Boost Injection

Looking for a quicker immune boost?  Try our immune boost injection!  These homeopathic immune boosting shots help keep you healthy and reduce symptoms from any cold viruses that you may pick up.  The cost is $20 with your office visit or $30 as a stand alone shot.  Combine with a B-12 injection for just $10 more!


* - Office visit for Immune Boost IV is $75, or can be billed to your insurance carrier.

Food, Diet and Supplements to aid your immune system