Ambetter 2018

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Ambetter by Coordinated Care

As always, insurance information is provided for informational purposes only.  Final determination of claims and coverage is handled solely by your insurance payor.  Please verify all information directly with your insurance provider.

Ambetter by Coordinated Care is available on the Washington State Health Exchange in several counties, including King and Snohomish (not Island County).

Ambetter is an interesting proposition.  Their premiums are fairly low and they do offer access/coverage for Dr Janel and Dr Lang.  That said, we have heard that they can be difficult for patients to work with.

If you need a lower premium than available from Premera and wish to continue to work with us, they may be a good option.  I would recommend doing your own research to determine if you think their plans would be a good fit for you.


Ambetter has provided conflicting information on whether or not referrals are required to see us.  In our phone conversations, they stated referrals for specialists are needed from their Exchange offerings (HMO).   In their "Summary of Benefits and Coverage", it states that no referral is needed to see a specialist.

In prior years, a referral was not required.  I expect we may have received incorrect information via the representative we spoke to, but we would recommend calling Ambetter directly to check on whether or not referrals are needed.