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Moomin – Medical Assistant

Moomin was brought to our shelter on a Saturday evening after base police witnessed him falling from a three story landing.  We quickly rushed him to the emergency clinic where x-rays showed that he had suffered a break to his leg.  He was a lucky little fellow as this eight pound bundle of fur could have suffered much worse.

Surgeons operated on Moomin and he went to a loving foster home to recover.  This is where Moomin met his new guardian, Dr. Kathleen Janel who adopted him once he recovered.

Kathleen tells us that Moomin is the perfect dog.  She brings him to her office with her daily.  Moomin has become quite an ambassador for Kathleen’s practice and will even seek out nervous patients to give them some extra TLC while waiting for their appointments.

Thank you Kathleen for giving Moomin the loving home he deserves!