Health Coaching

Mukilteo Heath Coach - Specialty Natural MedicineIf you’ve tried to lose (or gain) weight in the past and didn’t reach your goal, or eagerly began an exercise program that didn’t inspire you enough to stay with it, or started on a healthy eating quest and found yourself derailed before it could become a habit, you might benefit from a health coach. A health coach is trained to help you break your goal into manageable steps, track your progress, and identify and overcome personal roadblocks.

Dr. Christine Beasley has been in involved in the fitness industry on many levels for almost 30 years, from greeting nervous first time visitors at a gym, to teaching various group fitness classes, to personal training, and has always enjoyed partnering with people that are serious about wellness, fitness and lifestyle change. After having two children in her 30’s, she experienced the same struggles and obstacles many people do when trying to lose weight and can relate to the feelings of frustration and discouragement that often lead to giving up, but pushed through it and reached her goals. She’s passionate about combining her professional background as a Doctor of Chiropractic with her experience and knowledge in the fitness industry to help people achieve their goals.

After an initial visit discussing your health history and health goals with Dr. Beasley, together you’ll talk about strategies and create a personal success plan for you. Over the following 11 weeks, you’ll meet in person for assessment, updates and progress.


Health Coach Information Sheet